Live right now on LABR a special live crate digging session mix with @brothersoul

at 2000 UTC jumboshrimp from @jnktn_tv will be live

and at 2200 UTC a new episode of the lounge with screwfacemuziq

house music all night long! crossover party


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LABR Social

This is a home for the love a brother radio collective of contributors where we hope to exemplify self determination and sovereignty through incremental DIY removal of corporate platforms where possible.

Maybe we can't destroy all structural injustice with tunes but we can damn sure be a voice of solidarity and empathy and uplift the fighters and downtrodden while trying

we are BLACK, INDIGENOUS, GAELIC, MIXED, COMRADES trying to raise a joyous noise together for unity, fun and social conscious

we are physically and neuro diverse

we have empathy, solidarity and love to offer