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okay so this just happened.

i deactivated fully my last hellbird account. feels good.

thanks for the interaction over the past years on this joint, while i wrapped my old head around this concept. and big up to the @labr collective for riding and pushing for ways us old world peeps to do things much more in line with our ethos

it's not been easy. but yea, I'm slowly removing all the crap.

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re from new fedi home

lover of the beat. mover of the people. brother of the soul.

philly grown, UK aged, dj and member of the love a brother radio collective @labr

house music, soulful house, hip-hop, r&b, rock, pop, all sorts

doing my best to just be a stable source of tunes if you need uplifting or fuel to fight.

check the site and bio for schedules and all the shows and ways to listen, watch and chat with our diverse and talented crew

Tonight on love a brother radio

I'm feeling some old obscure rhythm & blues.

listen and chat:

2100 UTC it's Sunday Night Soul live with @brothersoul - old school R&B edition

2300 UTC a new show to LABR, dj emmet o'c (ire) - brack beats

Free Samples!

hey you, yeah you - looking for some samples? I made 1,000 sounds on my homemade #modularSynthesizer and made them available for free on Lots of weird stuff, you might find some useful. Boosts appreciated!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - a 6hr live block of house musics from 2000 UTC

brother soul - the weekend workout (england)

@knobz - after hours (transnistria)

divine ellison - the greasy spoon (the bronx)

chat will be up. come vibe out.

It's #FollowFriday let's give some love to some great #dj related accounts:

@brothersoul @drh @knobz from Love a Brother Radio

@housefinesse music podcast

@astromech @onephatdj @marconova @onkeltoob @Darren new accounts on

Our most recent release imagines Dunedin at the end of this century when sea level rise has turned the South Dunedin suburbs into mudflats, and some local legends have been created in the process. The full song's on Bandcamp, and there's even a video (of the first verse only):

right now on LABR

@brothersoul is replaying this weeks midweek workday mix

and at 0100 UTC we debut of a new live show - dj diginyah (nj) for diginyah mind & soul - house

chat is up come say hay

announce bot for chat and vid simulcast @live

and later FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - a 6hr live block of house musics from 2000 UTC with:
brother soul - the weekend workout
@knobz - after hours
divine ellison - the greasy spoon

I’m DJing live on in 40 mins! Tune in for some #House and #Techno beats, as well as the premiere of my latest song “Disco Brutus (F.L.O.)”! #LoveABrotherRadio #LABR

the midweek is LIVE at love a brother radio!

live right now @brothersoul (eng) with the midweek workday chill mix

2000 UTC willy beats live with dj kwest (nyc)

2200 v-beats live with vandyman (ire)

0000 the beat 3055 live with @drh (au/nz) *DEBUT SHOW*

listen and chat:

simulcast and chat via our @live

We're back folks:

back live (wed 1800 UTC) for the midweek workday chill

we have 2 new live shows debut this week

Thursday 0000 UTC @drh (au/nz) live with the beat 3055 - house, tech, disco

Friday 0000 UTC
dj diginyah (nj) live with diginyah mind & soul - house


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - 6 hr live block house music with:
2000 UTC @brothersoul - the weekend workout
2200 @knobz - after hours
0000 divine - the greasy spoon

I'm live for another hour with Sunday Night Soul at:

and after my set at 2300UTC @labr are debuting a brand new weekly show and dj to the crew. dj emmit o'c with a brack beats, a deep and tech house mix show


it's @brothersoul with a smoothed out house and soul ending or beginning to your week with Sunday Night Soul

and at 2300 UTC we welcome a brand new weekly show and dj to the LABR crew. dj emmit o'c (ire) with a tech and deep house mix on their show Brack Beats

listen and chat:

if you were following @live for announcements when chat goes live you need to un and re-follow. poor bot got wiped out

So one of the coolest things I love about being up over here, is that I'm managing "even as a" to connect with some pretty cool peeps. About to get caught up on my new hommie, @nategullion joints.

He plays games for his dad, so he can follow the story of the game without having to worry about the hand eye cordination.

I personally think this goes on the list of one of the coolest things. And to add, he's funny as fuck to listen to while he plays.

Oh, hello list & filter fuctions of it's nice to meet you.


Cooking up something a little special, and something I've wanted to do for a long time, "just like country". hmmm... lets see how this goes. Stay tuned.


It's within an inch of that time again folks. It's a house music affair.

@brothersoul with The Weekend Workout 20.00 UTC


Shouts going out to @jumboshrimp for rocking out with us on @labr You smashed it.

Look for the replay up soon. And we look forward to having him back again.

love/peace/and dreadlock grease

Cheers Folks.

Jumping on to do a crate digging sessions. Rolling a crate of house music that i've been wanting to spin.

1800 to 2000 UTC




Did that freaking just happen? Why yes brother soul it did.

I've just completed a bloody country show. And i'm not too sure, but I think it actually came out brilliant. hahaha
it'll be up on the replay soon.

Live right now on LABR

Pick n Mix where selector dj upnorth @amesters builds a crate and dj @brothersoul has to mix them with no additions allowed. a bit down tempo chill vibe this first hour of the show.


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This is a home for the love a brother radio collective of contributors where we hope to exemplify self determination and sovereignty through incremental DIY removal of corporate platforms where possible.

Maybe we can't destroy all structural injustice with tunes but we can damn sure be a voice of solidarity and empathy and uplift the fighters and downtrodden while trying

we are BLACK, INDIGENOUS, GAELIC, MIXED, COMRADES trying to raise a joyous noise together for unity, fun and social conscious

we are physically and neuro diverse

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