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the midweek is LIVE at love a brother radio!

live right now @brothersoul (eng) with the midweek workday chill mix

2000 UTC willy beats live with dj kwest (nyc)

2200 v-beats live with vandyman (ire)

0000 the beat 3055 live with @drh (au/nz) *DEBUT SHOW*

listen and chat:

simulcast and chat via our @live

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Today's picks:

🌟 @jeremymuller - Creating experimental percussion and electroacoustic music

🌟 @stephenfry - Actor, author, comedian and master of soupy twist

🌟 @live - Regular music live streams, soulful house and eclectic jams

🌟 @Raspberry_Pi - Producing the famous single-board computer

🌟 @rpginabox - Easy to use 3D voxel RPG game creation software

More follows at

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 📻

Amesters here. I'm a member of the love a brother radio collective @labr

You can catch my eclectic crate digging on the Pick n Mix show Tuesday nights UK where I force the crate for @brothersoul to mix

Otherwise I help with programming the station and should be there welcoming you in chat when we are simulcasting live shows on our owncast.

I mind the studio Muzic and Soul.

LABR Social

This is a home for the love a brother radio collective of contributors where we hope to exemplify self determination and sovereignty through incremental DIY removal of corporate platforms where possible.

Maybe we can't destroy all structural injustice with tunes but we can damn sure be a voice of solidarity and empathy and uplift the fighters and downtrodden while trying

we are BLACK, INDIGENOUS, GAELIC, MIXED, COMRADES trying to raise a joyous noise together for unity, fun and social conscious

we are physically and neuro diverse

we have empathy, solidarity and love to offer